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People who met Yumiko Kuroiwa's hat

Sachiko 35 years old

 Husband and two children. I live in a two-family house with my husband's parents.

Until now, my child had to deal with it and I couldn't take my time at all. I couldn't afford to think fashionable at all.

Recently, I've begun to have some time to spare as my child has become less involved.

One day, when I suddenly see myself in the mirror, I am stunned by my disappointing appearance, which was once fashionable.

Ah, I want to be fashionable again.

At that time, an outlet mall was invited by a friend. Clothes that I used to love and that seem to be everywhere are a little cheaper. I'm not intrigued at all now.

I also went to the hat shop in it. I used to like this shop, but now it doesn't come to me.

I didn't feel anything about the mass-produced and out-of-the-box products.

But I bought a cap that I could use everyday because I came here. Is it okay because it's cheap? I go home like that.

One day, a small hat shop passed by. I'm kind of curious about it.

From cute to elegant, handmade one by one. Somehow the excitement doesn't stop.

I finally find my own point by wearing various things. It's a little expensive, but I decided to buy it as a reward for myself.

From here, interest in Sachiko's hats accelerates.


Tomiko 62 years old

Tomiko, who usually lives in central Tokyo and works as a freelance interpreter and translator.

I travel several times a year, both domestically and internationally. This time I'm staying in Nagano, one of my favorite places, for two weeks.

In addition to the delicious air and greenery and local food, it is one of the pleasures of traveling to search for good things that you can meet in the area and things that you can only meet in the area.

That's why I hang out alone in the alley near the hotel. I found a small hat shop. (Because I usually go out often

I needed a hat and was a favorite. ) Well, I was able to see the inside of the shop owner when I thought it was a holiday today.

I see a hat that I like to use colors. Try out. It fits my senses. It was decided immediately that I had no choice but to take this home. I'm also worried about hats from other seasons. Next time, Tomiko was thinking about buying it at an online shop.


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