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atelier anielica

atelier anielica, a store of hats and head accessories, you can pick up Yumiko Kuroiwa's hats, head accessories, corsages, etc. at the store.

Look, touch and find your favorite to become "more me".


Get off at Alpico Kotsu "Hana no Koji" (bus stop).

* We apologize for the inconvenience, but please use a coin parking near you.

Close by​ When you find the black sign, turn the corner and proceed slowly along Shinkoji-dori.

​You will see a fashionable cafe on your left. Looking back, ...

A fashionable signboard of a woman wearing a hat and a green wall are the landmarks of Yumiko Kuroiwa's atelier "atelier anielica".

Please come to see me through the red door.

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