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- For one beautiful thing -

Materials are selected by my experiences of hat making as a shop owner.

I choose the materials that I feel right based on the tone of color, the texture, the beauty of the appearance, the suitability of the design, and the price.

It is the face line that is very important when people wear a hat. That’s why I don’t compromise the line of “Yumiko Kuroiwa hats.” I look for the perfect position, the line of the brim and trim.

Moreover, I carefully consider the appearance of hats and their unique impression.

- A hat to “Bring Out the Shinning Self” -


- Making hats one by one with great care -

I make each hat considering its beauty, the appearance of hats on the wearer, the elegance, as well as the comfort of wearing it.

I hope everyone will wear my hats preciously for a sustainable society.

Resizing with hat sizing tape or trimming are available after your purchase.


Hat cleaning service is also offered. (Some items may not be accepted depending on their design or aging condition)

- To the hat feeling attached -


I have been making hats only to see your shining smile in the mirror.


“I hope you will find the right hat just for you.”


I am creating more hats that will bring out your charm from this small studio again today.

- For your shining smile -

The era of mass production and mass consumption is coming to an end.

I would like you to pick the one that suits you, one that you can cherish and love, and one that will accompany you and make you look even more beautiful.


The more beautiful you feel, the more confident and attractive you will become.


And your world is going to change somehow.

These steps will lead you to a wealthier life.


I would be honored to support you to “Bring Out the Shining Self” and lead you to a wealthier life by using the products created by this small studio in Nagano, Japan.

“Bring Out the Shining Self”

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