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Bring out Shining self

It is the hat that makes you aware of the unknown charm that is inside of you .

You try on colours and shapes that you do not usually choose based on your senses.

​ You would be surprised to fined out that you look good on those colours and shapes.

The discovery of the shining self.

It is a  useful item that can create a special atmosphere in your daily life .


Bring out shining self

You will see do not know you through our products.


After graduating from a sewing vocational school , she started learning corsage making as a hobby. After that  she encountered hat making, and she was completely lured into the fun of that.

Sales started gradually from 2003.

Meanwhile, she went to London for a year from the fall of 2007 to learn more about hat making. Learning  techniques and designs while she was inspired by  local  young classmates.
After that, in 2015, she opened the atelier and shop "atelier anielica".


From 2017, she started her activities with her own name as a brand name.

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Our philosophy for products.

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